Sunday, April 05, 2009


Last night, I sent all councillors and some officers too, the email below.

Hello there,

To all elected members of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, I think that you should all take a reality check and face up to the facts.

Peace to you all,

Chris Mcglade.

Today I got this reply from Liberal Democrat Councillor Mrs Mary Ovens.

"Please do not send me any further e-mails."

Thats all I got. So I sent this reply...

Dear Mrs Ovens,

I cannot believe that as a publicly elected, publicly paid member of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, you actually believe that you can be as dicourteous as you have been in your reply to me, a council tax paying resident of Redcar and Cleveland and think that you are perfectly justified and that your response is perfectly acceptible? No dear Mr Mcglade, no yours sincerely, you din't even have the courtesy to put your name to your reply and so it really could have come from anybody?

If truth be known Mrs Ovens, the truth really hurts. And what hurts you and no doubt your council colleagues the most, is that I, along with other members of the public, have held you and the coalition that you belonged to and some senior, unscrupulous officers aswell to account and as a result, the Audit Commission had no choice but to downgrade our council, the publics council, to a two star authority. It must really sit badly with you that people who have been wrongly smeared by the old coalition and officers alike, people who have wrongly been branded liars and bullies and members of the BNP, have actually been exhonerated and justified because of the Audit Commissions downgrading of our council last September.

What a pity it is that members of our council, rather than choosing to do anything about the terrible situation within Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, prefer to act as though everything, both in the past and at present, is perfectly fine when according to the Serious Fraud Office and the Audit Commission, quite simply they aren't.


Chris Mcglade.

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