Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dear Mr Abbott...

A week or so ago Liberal Democrat Councillor Chris Abbott, called publicly for an independent inquiry into the council acting negligently through investing millions of pounds of public money into Icelandic banks after the warnings were issued. He called, I believe, for openness and transparency.

Mr Abbott, since the Bi-election victory in Dormanstown on Thursday, has stated publicly that the Labour group had misinformed the public smeared the opposition and not told the truth in their election literature. I must say that I found that a tad hypocritical of him bearing in mind that he started an untruthful smear campaign against me in 2004 stating that I was a member of the BNP when I wasn't nor ever have been, something that I took him to the Standards board for, bearing in mind that one of the Liberal Democrat ward councillors for Coatham Josie Crawford, made still unsubstantiated claims in her newsletter of October 2006 and bearing in mind that in the recent Lib/Dem election literature, he claimed that it was the fault of the Labour group that the council had been downgraded to a two star authority when in truth, the Audit Commission downgraded the council because of it's performance under the old Lib/Dem-Conservative-East Cleveland Independent coalition.

Today I posted the following comment onto his blog site It will be interesting to see if he publishes the real truth. here is my comment...

Talking about distortions Mr Abbott, it's a pity that you didn't tell the electorate in Dormanstown the truth yourself.

Namely that the Audit Commission downgraded the council to a two star authority not because of the incompetence of the Labour group, although I will agree with you that they are incompetent, no the Audit Commission downgraded the council to a two star authority because of the incompetence of the old Liberal Democrat/ Conservative/East Cleveland Independent coalition and because of the shocking behaviour of senior council officers who, under the old coalition administration, were found in employment tribunal after employment tribunal from Scanlon to Williams and others, from Tait to Whittaker, to have been deliberately disingenuous, acting illegally, concealing the truth, guilty of sharp practise and bringing the council down into disrepute.

Please Mr Abbott, dont try and insult the intelligence of all of the electorate in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland and don't just take for granted that just because the majority of people take little notice of what is really happening within local government, that that means all people take little notice, because we do.

It was our hard work and research in compiling a dossier that ran into many hundreds of pages that included two letters from the Serious Fraud Office stating that the way the council had behaved and I quote "pertained to corruption" and that the council "should be investigated by the police possibly assisted by the CPS" along with a five and a half hour meeting that we had with the District Auditor in June last year, which resulted in the District Auditor downgrading the council.

Really Mr Abbott, those people living in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.
I hope in the interests of openness, transparency and truth, you post this comment on your blog. I'm certainly going to post it onto mine.


Chris Mcglade.

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