Monday, April 20, 2009

So what's the crack?

Yesterday and today have been quite busy days on the old campaining front!

Yesterday I was informed by a resident of the terrace opposite the boating lake, that they had discovered, after talking to someone who had been working on the site, that the work was going to stop and that they weren't continuing, because the council had run out of money.

But even more interesting is that today, I have been informed by a very 'informed' source within the council, that the PCT have pulled out of putting a 5 GP surgery in the leisure centre in the Coatham plans. If this is true, then could it not be the case, that after our group exposing all of the underhanded dealings that have taken place surrounding the inclusion of this 'medical village' from absolutely nowhere, set against the backdrop of the ex-chief executive pushing this surgery from within the council whilst his wife was pushing it as a board member of the PCT, only to resign her position when we made this public, that the PCT have decided that things are a little too hot to handle?

Whilst this information is unconfirmed at the moment, we are doing all that we can to confirm both pieces of info.

If they are both correct then it seems that the Coatham disaster, to quote our own MP, is offering less and less.

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