Sunday, April 19, 2009

The truth that they're all frightened of...Just won't go away!

I had a phone call off a friend of mine. His brother lives in Dormanstown. During the bi-election in Dormanstown recently, who should knock on his brothers door? Liberal Democrat general election candidate Ian Swales. Ian apparantly stood there spinning all the guff that Councillor Chris Abbott had included in the LibDem election literature. The Labour group were to blame for this, the Labour group were to blame for that, the Labour group were to blame for the council being downgraded to a two star authority...

At that point, my friends brother stopped Mr Swales in mid flow. "No they weren't" he said, "the old coalition were responsible. It was their actions and the actions of the officers under their supposed control that were responsible". Then he dropped the bomb. "It was the LibDem led coalition who were in control when senior officers of the council surpressed an audit report which showed that this council weren't a four star authority at all" he said. Obviously he'd been reading Private Eye which featured this story and this blog.

At that, Mr Swales apparantly turned on his heels fuming and refused to either engage in any more conversation with my friends brother or answer any of the questions that he was now asking. What an absolute farce. The LibDems are okay when they are trying to dupe the public, wrongly blaming all and a sundry for their actions, but they just cannot stand it when they are confronted by the real facts by members of the public who actually know what the real truth is.

What a situation we have in our council!!! The Libdems are hoping that they can put the blame on the Labour group for the downgrading of the council but they can't because it was because of our groups action of presenting a dossier to the District Auditor concerning the behaviour of the council under the old coalition, which led the council to being downgraded to a two star authority and we aren't going to forget. The Labour group on the other hand, are just too afraid to defend themselves against the untrue statements that are being levelled at them, preferring to say nout in the hope that it's all just going to go away and the whole can of worms as a result, will stay well and truly un-opened.

What an absolute shambles.

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