Friday, November 07, 2008

And so to the Law Society...

Next week on the 13th of November Andrew Lockley, a solicitor from Irwin Mitchells firm of Solicitors, will be addressing an event that is going to be held at the Law Society in London. He will be speaking about Coatham and presenting all the facts about what has been happening here. The Coatham village green case that is going to appeal on the 25th of this month, despite George Dunning and Mark Hannon somehow 'forgetting' to mention it in their March 08 Press release, looks set to not just go to the court of appeal, but go all the way to the House of Lords to clarify the law on this issue as apparantly, in this case no law exists.

Speaking to my contact at the Environmental Law Society, I have been informed that the issue of Coatham, as it hurtles towards the House of Lords, is starting to spring up all over the place. The councils own barrister George Lawrence apparantly spoke about it at a meeting only recently too.

This is fantastic news. Not only because the nations attention is starting to be focussed on our case, but as in turn, its attention is focussed on the behaviour of certain individuals within our council. How I bet Mr Dunning and Mr Hannon are regretting the day that they failed to mention in their press release that the Coatham Village green case was far from over and that the council themselves had issued a notice of intent to go to Judicial Review over the matter, instead of leading the public to believe that the whole issue of the Village green case was over.

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