Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pinocchio Dunning...A cartoon leader of a desperate council part 1.

Last Thursday we issued a press release asking what was going to happen to the Persimmon scheme now that they have announced their devastating financial statement. It made the Gazette earlier this week.

There are so many inconsistencies and untruths contained within the statements that have been made by Leader of the council George Dunning, that I have decided to call him Pinocchio. How this man has the front to stand up and call himself leader of the council, when he is telling so many untruths to the public of this area, is just beyond me. His disengenuous, to say the least, comments are becoming more and more blatant as he becomes more and more desperate to put a brave face on things.

I have split this posting into three parts. Digest each part. Ask the questions. See the facts. Ask yourself why this man, a man who called for Colin Moores investigation twice whilst in opposition, but let him slip out the back door with a massive pay off that rate payers are still paying for and a glowing reccomendation in the press, is allowed to get away with telling so many untruths.

In the release, he makes reference to a 'legal challenge' that could stop the scheme totally. He states and I quote "Persimmon wanted the appeal court hearing brought forward themselves" and " As far as they were concerned, legal challenges pending"

What legal challenges in the appeal court could George possibly be talking about?

I'll tell you. The village green challenge which ended up in July this year, seeing the councils main point being thrown out by the High court leaving them to defend a much weaker point in the appeal court, a point that the original high court judge hearing the case in July said, could well be defeated at appeal.

So here we have a situation where Pinnocchio Dunning is making reference to an appeal hearing, but he isn't telling people what its all about? Well he wouldn't would he?
But thats because he doesn't want to. He wants to avoid it at all costs. You see in March this year, approximately four months before the village green case went to court, Pinocchio Dunning, along with his steel working member for ecconomic development Mark Hannon, put out a press release that made out that the whole Village green process had been kicked out and that it was going no further, that they had won.

However, we have found out through FOI requests, that Pinocchio Dunning had been told days BEFORE his misleading press release went out, that the council were intending to apply to the court to go for the Judicial review over the issue of the village green themselves!

The council then, under the FOI act, tried to wriggle their way out of this by saying that George Dunning hadn't been given correct information because it wasn't the council that had applied to go to Judicial Review, it was Persimmon.

But they cannot run away from the fact that the decision for Persimmon to go to Judiicial Review over the issue of the village green wasn't made until late in April this year. It was the council who had sent both the court and the opposing solicitors a notice stating that it was THEIR intention to go to Judicial review over this issue of the village green in March this year, days BEFORE dunnings press release went out. At the time that the release went out, it was the councils intention, not Persimmons' to go to the High court over the issue of the village green. Dunning and Hannon knew and yet neither said anything in their press release of March 27th which totally misled the public.

This is the leader of the council. How can anyone trust a man, or a council, who only tells the public half a story and the things that they want them to know as opposed to the full truth? This is basically brainwashing. Feeding people pap and just expecting them not to ask questions.

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