Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's time the council came clean and told the truth...

After revealing that the council are spending £700,000 on the boating lake project, when it was only supposed to be spending £60,000, after revealing that Persimmon aren't contributing to the £700,000 in any way when they were going to be contributing to the £60,000, after revealing that the council have already applied for funding to develop themselves, a leisure facility on a prime area of the Coatham site which isn't part of the Coatham scheme as this site has always been designated for something else and as it has always been an intrinsic part of the Coatham scheme and after this news provided in the link below, it is time that this council came clean and stated exactly what is going to happen in Coatham? It is obvious to most that the PersimmonCoatham Enclosure scheme is doomed. This link shows just that...


Yet what isn't obvious to most or widely known, is that even though Persimmon Homes are in such a dire mess and are sinking quicker than the Titanic, Officers of this council extended the planning permission for the Coatham plan for an unspecified length of time, without bringing it before the councils planning committee!

Why on earth would officers of the council do that, when A. The building of the only leisure facility left in the scheme, isn't dependant on the building of the houses because the council want to borrow money to provide it at a cost to the public?

B. Persimmon are looking in a very bad way and wont be building anything anywhere for an awfully long time?

The fact that officers are desperately trying to keep us tied to a scheme and a builder that is dead in the water, is just madness and the cause for great concern.

There has to be a reason why they should try to do this and it should be investigated now, because these actions are not in the best interests of the public of Redcar at all. As weren't the council ignoring all of the warning signs regarding the icelandic bank and in turn, losing millions of pounds of our money in this offshore bank.

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