Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey, convenient memory loss again!!!

Two days ago I told you about the councils intention to provide a much needed youth facility in Coatham. Below, is a link to their press release issued today.

In response to this latest release about the new youth facility on Majuba Rd, I think that this sounds great. But I'd like to know why they aren't telling people that the council themselves are wanting to develop this facility on a site that has already been allocated to a supposed leisure facility that has always been an intrinsic part of the Coatham Enclosure scheme? Why haven't they told people this?

Infact, why haven't they informed people that they want to build it on the site of the old baths which is referred to on the Persimmon plan as the D2 leisure site. This D2 leisure site was going to accomodate the bowling alley. It is obvious now that what we have been saying all along is correct, there was never going to be any bowling alley or any D2 leisure, because the council now want to build this youth facility in its place on that site.

In 2006 Colin Moore and Vera Moody both stated in the press that all of the funding for the leisure in Coatham was in place, they specifically mentioned the bowling alley. If all of the funding for the Coatham scheme was and in is in place, why are the council now applying for funding to provide a leisure facility which isn't part of the Persimmon scheme, but which is going to occupy a site that has always been a part of the Persimmon scheme and home to a facility ( A bowling Alley) that the council have already stated in the press and in court, they have funding for?

Wouldn't you have more respect for these people if they didn't tell so many lies?

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