Friday, October 10, 2008

Well I never!

Lo and behold, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council is one of the local authorities investing OUR money in the collapsed Icelanic bank. We had SIX MILLION POUNDS tied up in a foreign bank, that looks as if it will not be able to be recovered by this council.

Six million pounds lost. Six million pounds that could have been spent on a new swimming pool in our town. What makes me grimace most, is that all the time the people who were running our council were investing more and more money in a foreign bank, they were telling us on the other hand that we had no money and the only way that we could have a swimming pool was to have houses built in Coatham?

Not only that as you will see they, among others, ignored warnings about this bank.

A twelve million pound hole in our councils budget, no leisure facilities in our town and this council is behaving recklessly with millions of pounds of OUR money by investing it in now collapsed foreign banks. Supressed audit reports which show we have never been a four star authority, the district auditor now officially, after our intervention, confirming this by demoting the council to a two star authority ( A covering their arses exercise on behalf of the auitors office if ther ever was one) massive conflicts of interests between this council and Persimmon, officers extending Persimmons planning permission for Coatham under delegated authority without even taking it before the planning committee, paying for Persimmons legal and consultancy fees, changing the EA's planning conditions without consent or consultation, the MP and officers stifling free speech and attempting to whitewash the whole lot, the leader of the council allowing the architects of this mess to quietly slip out the back door without a question asked with two years enhanced pay and a massive pension and a glowing apppraisal in the paper when he had called for one of these peoples' investigation twice?

For Gods sake, will someone in authority order an immediate independent investigation into this most rotten of boroughs straight away, before another officer who has been involved in all of this, is allowed to leave.

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