Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do they expect us to believe this?

Following my posting yesterday, I found a link to the story about the council investing money in the collapsed Icelandic bank from the Evening Gazette, which I have now put onto this posting below.

In the Gazette article councillor Peter Scott, cabinet member for corporate resources said, that the loss of six million pounds would not have an immediate detrimental impact the council or its services. When it has already been front page news that we have a £!2,000,000 black hole in our councils budget, does he seriously expect people to believe that the loss of a further £6,000,000 through this council depositing money in off shore bank accounts, will not harm our council or its services in any way, straight away or in the future? What council can glibly pass off throwing six million pounds of public money down the drain! The propaganda machine rolls ever on!

What makes me almost laugh out loud most, is our freedom of speech stifling, hypocritical, MP Vera Baird, sat in my friends front room two years ago and said that if we could show her any other way to fund the building of a swimming pool in Redcar, other than building the Persimmon houses and without having to borrow money because that would raise peoples council tax, then she would support it fully.
What is remarkable about that statement is that not only do this council intend to borrow £10,400,000 to provide the town with a pool and leisure because they have attracted no funding for this "disaster" of a scheme to quote our MP once again, (although with the council now being demoted to a two star authority, their ability to borrow money is greatly reduced, not to mention the looming recession) at the time that she was telling us that if we could show her any other way to fund a pool other than by building houses or borrowing, then she would support it, she must have known that this council were investing money in the icelandic bank, because it was the Government that she is a part of, who were encouraging local authorities to invest in it!

SIX MILLION POUNDS!!! £6,000,000 of pur money thrown away by these arrogant, inept, people in out town hall. Six million pounds that could have provided, way before now, a first class swimming facility in this town. No houses, no bullshit, just what people want most of all, a first class swimming facility for our children to use and learn to swim in.

Damn them all for their lies and their deceit. Damn them all for their real agenda, in the collapse of this bank, has been exposed. They aren't bothered what the people of this town want or need. If they were, they would have provided our town with a baths long before now. They have had the money to build a pool yet they have chosen to waste it and squander it on things that they want instead, like putting millions of pounds in risky offshore bank accounts. The thing that knowing that money was available for leisure, they were still telling the public that the only way we could have a baths was to have the houses?

Two days ago it was exposed that our council ignored warnings and wasted six million pounds of public money by investing in a collapsed foreign bank. The money for a pool was there.
Why have our council been telling us that we needed Persimmons houses to have a swimming pool in Redcar, when it is obvious that we dont and never have?

P.S, It makes you wonder if the six million pounds invested in this now collapsed foreign bank, could account for half of the twelve million pound black hole, that no-one could account for, in our councils budget?
Also, the truth about the supression of a final audit report being made public, the collapse of this bank and the loss of this massive amount of money as a result of this council investing in it, the truth being exposed about officers of this council exceeding their spending limits under delegated authority by thousands of pounds, the council being demoted to a two star authority etc, etc really, is it just a coincidence that the finance officer Ray Richardson, a man who would have been involved in all of it, retired from the council just before all of this shit hit the fan?

Just a thought.

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