Saturday, October 11, 2008

What was I saying earlier?

In a posting I made earlier today, I asked was it just a coincidence that our finance officer retired just before the shit hit the fan on so many levels? Then I saw this article in the Daily Mail and I knew that not just the finance officer leaving but the Chief Executive leaving several months before him, was no coincidence at all.

Read the article and look at this quote that I have taken from it, "As for the finance directors of all those local authorities which invested hundreds of millions of taxpayers' pounds in Icelandic banks, they have been criminally negligent, and I hope that police investigations will follow.
For more than a year, credit ratings agencies such as Standards & Poor's have warned that Iceland was a financial basket case". When you read this you just
know that these two men leaving our council, was more of a get away than it was retiring.

Its an absolute disgrace that they should have been allowed to go when they have not only been involved in this level of criminal negligence, but involved in the supression of final financial audit reports, bullying, intimidation, sharp practise, exceeding their spending limits, and God knows what else. Every aspect of these two mens time at Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council should be investigated and without further delay.

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