Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whats that all about?

I have been informed by a council source that an email has been sent by a senior officer of Redcar and Cleveland Borough to practically everone in the council, praising the ex-branch secretary of Unison, when in reality he has been expelled from the union after a two year investigation that brought some extremely serious charges against him. Not only is it highly irregular for an officer to do this, why should it be that senior management are praising the ex-branch secretary of the union when he had been expelled from that union after a two year investigation? Could it be that one of the charges brought against him was colluding with management?

From what I gather the Labour group are reeling about this.

I’ll tell you more at the showing of Craig Hornby’s film at the Coatham Bowl on the 21st of this month.

Ive just looked at and here is a posting stating the same thing from someone called laughingfish....."If there are any labour councillors who still have the guts to look at this site. As a UNISON member, and a council employee I was disturbed to receive an email yesterday from a member of RCBC’s senior management. The email, from the council’s Chief Communication, Information & Engagement Officer, in the Chief Executive's Department, was sent to everyone in the council. It thanks the former UNISON branch Secretary for his service to the Branch. It also forwards an email from the individual concerned indicating that he has been expelled from UNISON after 33 years of loyal service.
Many posters on this site have referred to the poor state of industrial relations within the council in the past. It appears that despite their expressed intentions Labour members seem unable to stop managers from abusing their positions and meddling in trade union issues. I say these things because many UNISON members are fully aware of the events which resulted in the extremely lengthy investigation (2 years), and the subsequent expulsion.
The Chief Communication, Information & Engagement Officer would be wise to acquaint herself with the facts of these matters – which are very serious – before taking such steps as she has done. As it stands in my opinion the officers email is a disservice to the union I am a member of and seeks only to damage it. Furthermore it is written without any regard for the facts. Consequently a number of us are now going to ask our Union to consider publicising these facts. Furthermore to pursue this manager’s inappropriate misconduct through the correct channels.
When will managers at RCBC learn we decide who represents us, not you. We did this 2 years ago when we voted a new branch secretary in. Stop meddling.
When oh when will Labour members cut the rhetoric and deal with what we voted them into deal with. You are still not in control of this council !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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