Sunday, September 23, 2007

I wonder why the Labour group are in favour of one windfarm but not the other?

Lets all remind ourselves of the councils press release from last week regarding the wind farm. Lets remind ourselves of Labour leader George Dunnings statement that a wind farm a mile and a half out to sea, would be detrimental to the leisure facilities.

But hang on a minute, what this from 2002? Look at this press release. I can't believe it! Here is the same Labour led council, including the same George Dunning, giving their approval and consent to a wind farm being built on the Corus site at Redcar? Now why would the Labour group agree to one wind farm, about the same distance away, possibly closer, as the one that is planned out to sea, but not approve of the one that is out to sea? How can one wind farm be detrimental to leisure but not the other when they are both going to be roughly the same distance away?
Mmmmmmm, now lets all think for a minute? Ah got it!

It's as I said before in a posting that I made last week, George Dunning being against the wind farm a mile and a half out to sea, has got nothing to do with it being detrimental to the leisure because it isn't detrimental at all and if it was, then he would be against the one due to be built on the Corus site at Redcar surely? No, George Dunning being against the windfarm out to sea is about the view being spoilt for Persimmons' lovely, exclusive, luxury, sea front, apartments.

What I find sickening most about all of this is that the council are thinking about going to judicial review over the windfarm being built out at sea, the council are considering spending public money on opposing something just because it obviously happens to interfere with Persimmon Homes' plans. Why is this developer dictating to our council so much? Why is our council just happy to bend over backwards trying to please them all of the time?

When a developer is dictating to a council to this extent, then what is the point of having a council at all?

By the way, for all you council employees and public out there, HAS ELVIS LEFT THE BUILDING? ( Let's say no Moore! )

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