Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner ladies appear to have won equal pay.

I caught the end of a news bulletin on Radio Tees ( that's the old radio Cleveland) today, that said that Dinner ladies from Redcar and Cleveland Council had won their latest equal pay battle in court/tribunal.
It appears that the panel who were presiding, had difficulty in accepting the councils reasons for not accepting the dinner ladies case in the first place! This is another tribunal decision that the council have appealed and lost. This is another tribunal appeal that has seen thousands of pounds of public money spent on it when there was no need. This is another tribunal case that has left them looking like amateurs.
You could argue that the money spent on appealing against this case would be far less than the money that the council would have to pay the dinner ladies in the long run if they won? But there again, what ever happened to decency?
I remember the anonymous letter that I was sent from a dinner lady which I put onto this site that told of how miserably they had been treated by this council by having pay cuts and redundancy etc forced upon them, whilst the likes of Colin Moore and his cronies were awarding themselves huge pay rises above the rate of inflation, that hiked their pensions up massively, as well as awarding themselves extra paid days holiday! All of this was done under delegated powers that weren't even reported to the council until months after the decisions were made!

Well done ladies! If anyone deserves it you do. You feed the kids in this Borough week in week out. Top notch!

By the way, for all you council employees out there, HAS ELVIS LEFT THE BUILDING? ( Let's say no Moore! )

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