Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another message from a council employee

Below is an email sent to me today.Why is it,if what is contained in the email is true,that the council are on one hand making people redundant yet on the other hand employing people from the eastern block? Could it be that they arent being paid the same rates of pay that local people were/are being paid? Are they entitled the same workers rights as people employed locally? Have people been made redundant to then be replaced with a cheaper workforce? We will endeavour to find out just what the facts are.

"The council have just taken on a load of eastern European workers I have heard there are 36 of them from Poland working for Green and Clean and they are being supplied by an agency. Break this news as you like Chris but dont say you how found out. This is genuine information although I am not sure of the number or nationalities, but at a time when people have been made redundant and when the area has a high level of unemployment it can not be right..........."

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