Friday, March 09, 2007

The Chief Executives wife and the PCT

We have known about this for sometime but It was held back until it had been stated in court which it was this week.After all the questions that were left unanswered regarding the appearance of a 5GP surgery in the ammended plans for Coatham in November,a source came forward and pointed us once more in the right direction.

Even though PCT manager Steven Childs denied all knowledge of the plans to me being added to the planning application in November 2006, and even though in a meeting in January 2007, in front of approximately 100 people, including councillors,he stated that he hadnt known anything about the plans for the new surgery until late 2006,we were given minutes of a meeting from JULY 2006 that showed that he presented plans for the new surgery to be included in the Coatham Enclosure to the board of the Langbaurgh PCT.

A meeting in July 2006 that we believe was chaired by none other than non executive member of the board of the PCT.....Mrs Veronica Moore,wife of the Chief Executive of Redcar and Cleveland borough council.Mr Moore coincidentally, just so happens to have taken the planning department under his direct control and so, as such, is pushing all aspects of the Coatham Enclosure/links scheme from within the council.

At the meeting in January at the Coatham memorial hall Mr Childs said in front of the large audience that the PCT had had no knowledge of the surgery being added to the planning application and that it was added speculatively to the planning application by Persimmon homes and an officer of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council who he refused to identify. Somehow this statement about the anonymous officer,despite saying it to a large crowdat the meeting inJanuary this year, hasnt found its way into the minutes of that meeting?

Any ideas as to who the officer in question could possibly be? Answers on a postcard please.

Could I also bring to your attention that Mrs Moore worked for the audit commission.

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