Monday, October 30, 2006

Personal Message From Chris Mcglade

Ive learned over the last two years that when you put your head above the parapet that you attract comments both good and bad.Its funny isnt it.Politicians have contact with the public all the time.Some people agree with them some people dont.Yet it would seem that some of the politicians in this borough and the officers who are paid for with public money simply cannot stand any sort of criticism at all. They are ok with the positive comments but never the negative.When they recieve the negative no matter how justified those negative comments against them are,the people who make those negative comments suddenly become intimidating or bullies.

Certain people within this council remind me of the spice girls when they were booed off stage in Spain,because quite simply they were bloody awful.They had become so used to the sychophants (and I hope that Ive spelt that correctly) greasing them up and telling them how good they were,and believing all their own hype,that when they were brought back down to earth and to the harsh reality that they were in actual fact useless,they ran off stage crying and feeling that they had been badly done to.How dare anybody boo or criticise us? Do they know who we are? That was their attitude.
Anybody who decides to venture into public life in any form has to accept criticism,no matter how much of a bitter pill it may be to swallow.As a comedian I have been heckled off stage and have been booed off more times than I care to mention.As my old mate Chubby Brown once said to me he wishes he'd had a pound for every time he'd been booed off or paid off cos if he had he'd own half of Middlesbrough by now.I have also though had massive highs at the comedy store in Hollywood and the theatre Royal in Newcastle.Its taking bad and good together.

In over two years since our campaign started I have shouted on a few occasions.The scrutiny commission meeting,the demonstration we had at the councils exhibition last year.Thats all Ive done.Shouted and told people in this council what I think.Ive not assaulted anyone,hit anyone,sent nasty emails or letters,damaged anyones property or harrassed anyone and neither has anyone else in our group. Suddenly because Ive dared to stand up and in a loud voice say what I think, the council have tried to make me out as being some kind of fifth column in the midst of the unsuspecting public.It has been a deliberate attempt to steer public opinion away from me and our campaign.These tactics are typical.I have spoken to people who have fought campaigns against big oil companies etc in places like Brazil and the deep South in the U.S who have had to face the same sort of character assasination as I have in Redcar.The same methods have been used here in Redcar as have been used in Sao Paolo in Brazil.

These are the sorts of tricks that big business use in order to try and crush those that speak out.And Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council is a big business.They and Persimmon homes stand to lose out massively financially if this scheme doesnt go ahead.They are the ones with lots to lose and that is why they use these smear tactics and dirty tricks.What do I stand to gain by this scheme not going ahead? Nothing.Not financially or otherwise.I have no desire to become a councillor,I just want truth and justice to prevail and for that area in Coatham to become the jewel in Redcars crown through it being used to enhance our town and by not becoming just another housing estate.

Demonstration and protest arent dirty words.This nation was built upon demonstration and protest.Through people shouting to be heard,in a lot of instances taking up arms and literally fighting for what people believed in.I and our group have never campaigned violently or threateningly and I would condemn anyone who did.But I will be critical and I will air my views and if they dont sit right with our ward councillor,her leader,the chief executive or anyone else then thats their problem.They should Learn to deal with it and understand that they are not going to connvince everyone or attract positive comment from everyone all of the time instead of trying to smear people by spreading lies in order to try and blacken their name.

Its funny.My old friend Mo Mowlam sat in the Maze prison across a table with some of the most violent terrorists that there were because she knew that if peace was to be achieved thats what had to be done.Instead of sitting and talking this council use the excuse that we have shouted in the past like thats such a massive crime,and then use untrue statements in electioneering 'personal messages' in order to put us down because they are so arrogant they cannot stand the thoughts of people,thousands of people, disagreeing with them.Because they see their way as the only way,despite massive public opposition.

I know that I will probably attract more negative comments between now and next May however,let these people that churn out these untruths be aware of the fact that the public have been stirred up more than they ever have before,basically because our group have provided the public with the facts for once,and come election day next year that same public will be able to see the people in this council that are stooping to the depths that they are doing, for exactly what they are.

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