Monday, August 07, 2006

Capital costs of the overall Community Leisure Provision

Below is an image of the total cost of the leisure facility which is likely to be £30,905,792 -excluding theinvestment of £1.9m to be made by Enterprise West. This is taken from a letter from Ian Hopley to Vera Baird last year.

This ties in with the information that Cllr Mike Findley brought out into the public domain in his 'voice' newsletter after a meeting he attended last August where Ian Hopley told him the same, and a cabinet meeting where over 30 members ofthe public witnessed Dr Joan Rees present the same figures. However, according to CllrVera Moody and Colin Moore, this figure for the cost of the leisure side is wrong. Difficult to believe when the project manager and the director of development, presumably working on the instruction of the all powerful chief exec, have presented the true figures to the cabinet, councillors and public. When did the cost of a development of this size ever decrease?

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