Thursday, August 03, 2006

Labour's unreported press release.

Here is the press release regarding the maladministration situation in Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.I am informed by the Labour Group leader that the labour groups press releases hardly ever make the papers.This press release isnt an exception.
Just one word on this subject.It was interesting to note that the coalition's spokesman on this subject Dave Fitzpatrick,was quick to blame the whole fiasco on the previous administration and claim that all the officers concerned had left the authority.However,what he didnt say was that Our LYING chief executive Colin Moore and the less than credible (you cant call him anything else after reading the scanlon tribunal decision) Ray Richardson are still in the council as are a host of others who would find it difficult to distance themselves from this fiasco.
Not only that Moore the liar was in charge all the way through the ombudsmans investigation,the investigation that the council were blasted for, for being deliberately obstructive and discourteous to the ombudsman.

The Labour Groups Press Release.

Labour Group Press Release Embargoed until Thursday 27 July 2006 until 1p.m.

Councillor George Dunning Leader of the Labour Primary Opposition GroupLeader on Redcar & Cleveland Council,said " I would like to thank the Ombudsman for an in depth report which hascome to a conclusion having been with this Coalition Council for over 3 years she highlighted several serious points, avoidable delay, wastedmoney and other administrative failures by the Coalition council, what isof some concern is in the Ombudsman's letter to Colin Moore dated June 2006in which it states that complaints against this Coalition Council for 2005/2006 have increased by over 40 %.Cllr. Dave Fitzpatrick's comments attacking the Ombudsman and a localcouncillor for doing their jobs is indicative of a Coalition Council thathave lost the plot, and thankfully the May 2007 local elections will kickthem all out through the front door."Councillor George Dunning Leader of the Labour Primary Opposition GroupLeader on Redcar & Cleveland CouncilEmbargoed until Thursday 27 July 2006

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