Friday, August 04, 2006

Letter of support from Alan Titmarsh

This is a letter of support form Alan Titmarsh. once again click on it to enlarge. The text reads:

Dear Chris

Thank you for your letter. I support the protest in Redcar wholeheartedly. I think that the over-development taking place in our country is taking huge chunks of open space away that should be there for future generations. To build on it would, in my opinion, be a disaster, not only in terms of the damage to wildlife but also by depriving people who use areas such as Coatham Common and Coatham Beach as an ‘escape’ from the ever-increasing urbanisation springing up all around us.

I think your idea to have this area turned into a coastal park or a coastal nature reserve in memory of Mo Mowlern and named after her is a fantastic idea. It is something that should be embraced not only by your local authority, but by the local people in the area that Mo knew and worked for and loved. What better way to remember Mo than by having a living, breathing, green open area turned into something that would attract so many of the constituents she worked so hard for?

I send all good wishes to you and all those campaigning for this wonderful stretch of open space and coastline to be saved.

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