Thursday, August 03, 2006

No money for a baths without 357 Persimmon homes?

The council tell us that the only way to pay for a baths in Redcar is to have our coastline devasted by 357 Persimmon homes being built on it.Rubbish!!!

Lets look at the money the council spends on the things that they want.

£6,000,000 on private road adoption.Welcomed by those who it directly affects,like Cabinet member for Sex Education Steve Kay.You all remember him.He was having an affair with his secretary in council buildings on council time.She got the push he stayed in his job.Nout like equality in the work place eh? Well Mr Kay has had FIVE of these dirt tracks adopted in the tiny village of Moorsholm where he lives.All five are within a hundred yards of his house.Wonder how much its value has risen? Shame he forgot to declare his interests over this issue in 2003 when it was passed,then suddenly remembered to in 2006 AFTER we featured it in the Informer.
The normal residents of this borough have a right to their roads being adopted,but when the people in Redcar are told theres no money for a baths when six million pounds is being spent on something that benefits the few then thats not right or fair.Which is more important.How many people will benefit from a pool?

£42,000,000 YES FORTY TWO MILLION POUNDS being spent on a PFI to upgrade street lighting in the borough.

£1,000,000+ for fighting tribunals (not including the appeals) due to the ineptitude of certain senior council officers (usual suspects).Cant tell you the exact amount.The Council wont tell anyone.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds on half the consultancy fees and ALL the legal fees (undisclosed amount) for one of the biggest and richest builders in the country.Could be well over a million pounds.

Thousands on corporate hospitality at Gisborough and Rushpool hall.

Thousands on massive pay increases for senior council officers.Cant tell you how much Moore is on.The council wont tell anyone.

All this money being spent on the things that they want,yet we cant have a baths because there's no money? They're having a laugh arent they? We aren't fighting a lack of money.We're fighting a political will that refuses to give the people whatthey want,because a baths being built is their carrot to dangle to get everyone to go along with having the houses.And its the houses they want most not a baths for our children.

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