Sunday, August 06, 2006

email from a concerned resident

There seems to be more and more people coming forward to speak out.

Hi Chris I was told this by a local self employed builder who has worked on various building sites over the years. He has good contacts in the business and knows of all future building plans ie as you approach Saltburn on the right hand side ..massive new estate to go up there also past the Wacky ware house as you approach Marske before the bridge on the right hand side another massive housing estate to be built there. Sorry I cant say any more. But this Coatham scheme has been suspect right from the start. Any intelligent person can see the council has flogged the land to make money to balance the books and said to Persimmons 'to keep the punters happy build a swimming pool' As for Steve Kay,I wrote to him 3 years ago about the Warden situation in East Cleveland....Im still waiting for his reply... As for Redcar and Cleveland council....Im afraid they must be the worst in the UK Keep up the good work

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