Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's time for sneaky Baird and her sneaky local authority to be investigated..

I've just been in the Co-op. Standing there in the queue to be served, I noticed a pile of Evening Gazettes. The headline referred to two Teesside MP's refusing to give details about the letters that they had received from Sir Thomas Legg regarding the paying back of monies that they had had no right to claim for in the first place as the things that they had claimed for, had nothing at all to do with their jobs as MP's.

Instinctively, without even reading the article and only seeing the headline from a distance, I knew that one of the MP's featured would be Vera Baird MP. Why did I know this?

I knew because of the secretive, underhanded, hypocritical way that she has behaved in regard to the Coatham Enclosure scheme. I knew it because on the morning in May 2007 that I phoned her and told her that an officer of the council without consent from the EA and without consulting them changed their planning condition regarding the construction of the sea defence in Coatham to benefit Persimmon Homes PLC, all she said to me was " Yeah well, they've got planning permission".

I knew this by the way she tried claiming for more than she was entitled to as a junior counsell years ago, never mind claiming for things as an MP that she was not entitled to.

I knew this by the way that she not only threatened Robert Goodwill MP into not calling for an independent investigation into the local authority in her constituency and into not showing our film in parliament 18 months ago, she wrongly threatened him by telling him she would report him to the speaker of the House when the speaker told us he had no jurisdiction outside the chamber. I knew it was her by the way that she put pressure on Mr Goodwill to pull his support right up to the day that he actually intervened in the affairs of the local authority in her constituency and showed the film in Parliament this year.

I knew that it was her because when she had stopped Robert Goodwill from calling for the independent investigation into her local authority 18 months ago, she then called for the council to hold an internal investigation to be headed by someone who was involved in the wrong doing within the council and who had been featured in Private Eye magazine three times for that behaviour.

I knew it was her by the way that she said the film "Coatham a Common Concern" was libellous but then took no legal action against it whatsoever, preferring instead to try and bully and threaten an elderly church warden by telephone into not showing it an hour or so before it was shown in Coatham church in May this year.

I knew it was her by the way that she spoke out publicly when the council and their Coatham Planning meeting was found in the High Court to have been unlawful, saying that she had known along with the Labour group that it had been unlawful all along, yet when the decision was overturned at appeal, she said nothing.

I knew that today's Gazette headline was about her because when Mr Goodwill actually did retract his support the day after he had intervened in her constituency and shown the film in Parliament and spoken out against her on local Radio, and just a few days after a major council whistleblower was paid off so his case would not go to tribunal and so air things that the council wanted to keep out of the public domain, she put out a joint statement with the council that said that the council had had claims of corruption within the council investigated by the police and the Audit Commission etc, when no such investigations had ever even taken place!

I knew it was her by the way that she encouraged people to stand as independent candidates in a local elections against Labour candidates, something that she should have been thrown out of the party for.

And I knew it because of what she said at the meeting with me and two other people in in Mrs Bridges cafe in 2006 where in response to me saying that I thought that someone may have taken a bung over the issue of Coatham she repiled that "everyone takes bungs, theres nothing new in that".

This woman is the Solicitor General of this Country. She is a senior member of this Government and as such she should be beyond reproach. She has proved herself to be less than trustworthy, less than honest and behaving in a way that is not befitting an MP never mind Solicitor General. It is high time that this woman and the local authority that she has tried her level best to protect and cover for, were investigated.

The Serious Fraud Office have already stated in writing that the council in her constituency should be investigated by the Police possibly assisted by the CPS, so why has she not heeded this or done anything about it why did she call for an internal investigation instead which was nothing more than a whitewash?

Lets have Vera Baird and her council and anyone else who has been heavily involved with them including Persimmon Homes PLC, who are already in the High Court for being 'instrumental' in a multi million pound mortgage fraud and who have been shown to have been involved in Coatham a year before it was even formerly advertised by the council as a leisure development NOT housing development, all investigated without further delay.

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