Friday, July 03, 2009

When I see what is on offer, then I am glad that we fought this disaster.

Looking at the posting below, I am so glad that we have fought this most rotten of developments. All along we said that this scheme was never going to deliver any of the things that the council were misleading people into thinking that they were going to get. All along we said that the only way to have a baths was to borrow the money. All along we said that the main motivation of this scheme was the housing not the leisure element because there never has been any real hope of any leisure element.

All of these things. despite our names being dragged through the mud for having the courage to dare to point out the truth to people, are now happening. All of the leisure facilities that this council touted in order to sell the housing elemant to the public, are no longer part of the scheme. The only leisure element of the scheme is the pool and leisure centre which as we said, is going to be paid for with public money not through outside funding being attracted as a result of the houses being built. And as is now clear for all to see because there is no leisure scheme anymore and because what we are getting the public are paying for, the main motivation for this scheme is, for some reason, 359 Persimmon Homes.

Never have I felt more proud of all of the people and myself, who have fought this disaster being inflicted on our town. Never more have I felt vindicated and justified for dedicating five years of my life to exposing the truth that has always been there to see.

I urge every last person to do all that they can to stop this scheme so that Redcar can get the scheme that it deserves. Not the one that the council and their preferred developer are trying to inflict upon it. It is officially offering even less now then when Vera Baird made her statements on radio calling it a disaster and saying that a baths isn't a big enough pay back for all of the houses being built on our coastline. It isn't just a baths anymore Vera, Its a baths being paid for with borrowed money that the public will have to pay back through increased council tax.

That was something that you said you could never support. SO WHY ARE YOU?

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