Thursday, June 18, 2009

The guilty try to cover their tracks...

Today the list of MP's expenses,Vera Bairds included, were made public. Despite the soundbites from Parliament stating loudly and clearly that there would be openness and transparency, huge swathes of these expense forms etc, following the furore that has erupted in the press about this subject, had been blacked out and kept from the public. Had it not been for the Daily Telegraph being leaked a copy of the uncensored copies of expenses, no-one would have known that these scrounging, fiddling, greedy hypocrites had claimed for the things that they had. They KNEW that they were wrong and they tried to cover their tracks and these censored versions of their expenses, damn them still further because they have tried to hide their claims.

This is an absolute disgrace and a clear indication that these dishonest people, who in my opinion are akin to the 'dole scroungers' and the 'benefit fraudsters', living on the breadline and who are castigated by these same MP's, are concealing things that they do not want anyone to know. If one of these benefit fraudsters had been caught bang to rights claiming and trying to claim for money that they were not entitled to, would they be allowed to withold information and details about the scale and the size of their fraud? Would they be able to hide behind the fact that what they were doing was not against the law, that they were acting within the rules if they had created the rules in the first place? Would they escape investigation and conviction?

The answer to those questions is no they wouldn't. So why are these parliamentary parasites, these legal 'dole scroungers' allowed to get away with it and no more than a slap on the wrist and a "naughty boy/girl you'll have to stand down and don't get caught again!"

What makes MP's far worse than unemployed people or people on low income fraudulently taking public money out of the pot, is that these elected, upright 'pillars of society' are already being paid thousands, hundreds of thousands of pounds even, of public money as a salary. In the case of our scrounging MP Vera Baird, she is paid over £125,000 per year.

So looking at the expense claims that are not blacked out, why has she put claims in for pan scourers that cost 49p, masking tape and paint brushes just over £3.00, why is she getting her council tax and utility bills paid for in a house in Redcar that she barely uses? Why does she think that she is entitled to have the public in her constituency pay for a Chamonix door at a cost of £1199.00? Or a set of oak tables and chairs and a bench at £4570? Or a conservatory at over SIX AND A HALF THOUSAND POUNDS! And to cap it all, why does she think that the tax payers of Redcar and Cleveland should pay for groceries for her at a cost of £210.00? As a vegetarian, that's an awful lot of carrots and cabbages. Why doesn't this absolute scrounger pay for her own groceries from the vast wage that she gets paid. I was always brought up to believe that thats how things worked. You went to work, got paid a wage and paid for the things that you need for your everyday living, from those wages.

With this out and out scrounger, she has the tenet of well what I earn is mine and I will get Joe Public to pay all of my living costs.

Why doesn't she simply use some of her massive salary to pay for these things? It almost makes her claim for Christmas trees and decorations seem insignificant. When you also consider that as was exposed in the Telegraph, this woman as a junior barrister tried to claim more than she was entitled to and when you consider her attempts at trying to cover for the most rotten of local authorities in her constituency over the issue of Coatham and other things, is she really the person who should be our MP? Is this the calibre we would expect of the Solicitor General of England?

Its about time she and the rotten council that she tries to protect, were investigated and the guilty sacked and asked to stand down.

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