Thursday, June 04, 2009

My word, Vera Baird is lying remarkably low...

Following the exposure of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Councils' and Vera Bairds' behaviour in the film "Coatham a common concern", following the exposure that she "persuaded" both Rachel and I to stand as independent candidates against Labour candidates in the 2007 local elections ( something that she should be thrown out of the party for ) and following the exposure in the Daily Telegraph that she claimed public money to splash out on a new kitchen in her house in Redcar and tried to claim £286.00 of public money for a Christmas tree and pretty decorations when she had no right to do so, our less than credible MP seems to have just dropped off the Radar completely?

Where is she? Where has she gone? Apparantly she was last seen with Lord Lucan some weeks ago!

What made me wonder most of all about her sudden 'disappearance' and about her refusal to answer emails and letters from her constituents, was when I watched the local news last night on TV at 10.30pm. There was a news feature included about people from Corus going over to Korea to try to save 2000 steel jobs in Redcar. But who made the official statement about it? You would have thought that it would have been the Redcar MP Vera Baird, but no, it was the MP for the neighbouring constituency of East Cleveland and Middlesbrough South, Ashok Kumar, who gave the interview.

Pathetic. After having been caught out trying to dip her already, thickly buttered bread in the public gravy YET AGAIN; after having being exposed in a film trying to cover up the actions of her unlawful, illegal, maladministrating two star council and its overpaid, deliberately disingenuous, sharp practising, evidence changing, planning condition changing, public money misusing officers; after having tried to threaten elderly Church Wardens into not showing the film that she claimed was libellous but has taken no legal action against; and after being exposed as having committed a Labour Party cardinal sin, this uncaring, two faced, greedy, incompetent, untruthful, overpaid woman, has laid so low that she could crawl underneath a snake wearing a top hat. More than that, rather than come out from hiding and show her face to make a statement herself about the steel plant that is under siege in her own constituency, she lets the MP for a neighbouring constituency do her dirty work.

This is absolutely disgraceful and if she had any shred of decency at all, she would stand down not only from her position as the Solicitor General of this Country but as our MP at the next General Election too.

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