Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things get worse for Vera Baird and the council.

Here is a posting that I have just come across on the Gazettes forum...

Oh dear, look at this link to todays independent...

Where is Vera Bairds condemnation of the local authority within her constituency? As usual, nowhere to be seen. It seems that she simply refuses to speak out against them despite all of the terrible things that they are doing and getting away with. One can only ask why? I think the long awaited investigation into this council is just around the corner as the National Press look as though they are switching their attention from MP's expenses to their involvement with the underhandedness taking place in local authorities. If our Vera was lying low before this story broke today, she'll be in the process of emigrating to Timbuktu now. Especially with a film about the shady behaviour of the council in her constituency and her involvement with them, is doing a tour of the borough. Let the truth about these people and their behaviour be known and if anyone out there has any contacts within the National press, for heavens sake, BRING THIS COUNCIL AND THIS MP TO THEIR ATTENTION!

Lets all hope that this is the beginning of the National Press shifting their focus to the terrible abuses taking place in local government.

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