Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lets get rid of them all...

About two months ago I sat and watched a programme on TV called "On the Fiddle". In this programme, a camera crew followed people around who were suspected of benefit fraud. Normally the people who 'fiddle the dole' are people who are living on the breadline, or who are on low income, to begin with. They don't have an annual income of around £125,000 per year and they dont have two homes.

These people are hounded, these people have TV commercials dedicated to encouraging other people to "shop a benefit cheat". These people when caught, have their benefit stopped, are investigated and if they are found guilty, they are taken to court and prosecuted.

So why is it then, that MP's in the House of Commons can STEAL thousands of pounds of public money by claiming for mortgages that are paid off, they can STEAL public money by claiming for the renovation of their homes, can even attempt to STEAL money by claiming for CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS under their bent system and yet they think that they can get away with everything by saying, now that they have been caught out, that they are sorry, they didn't mean to do it, we'll pay the money back and all of the other lame excuses that have been tumbling from their mouths.

They all make me sick to the stomach. People like Vera Baird make me sick most of all. She actually tried to defend her immoral behaviour. She tried to say that just because her £300.00 claim for Christmas decorations had been turned down, that she hadn't done anything wrong! Like her intention to claim for baubles and fancies ( since when were they ever essential to her job as MP ) was of no concern at all. She tried to abuse the system, she tried to take public money that she had no entitlement to, just like all of the people who are hounded by the DSS benefit fraud squads. She and all of her Westminster cronies should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted. Not only are her low morals on display with her eagerness to try to cream money that she was not entitled to, they are on display when you see how she has tried to help the local authority in her constituency, cover up their terrible, possibly corrupt behaviour in particular, regarding the Coatham Enclosure Development. They are on display when you see that she tried to threaten a Church Warden in order to try and stifle the truth and as if that wasn't bad enough, and I have the email from her to prove it, they are on display when you see that she encouraged Rachel and I to stand as independents against Labour candidates in the elections two years ago, something that she should be thrown out of the Labour Party for.

Instead of having a TV camera crew following suspected benefit cheats around in order to make a cheap TV programme, we should have one following our elected MP's around, on their huge salaries and with two or even three homes, and we should be hounding them all the way into the courts. Fraud is fraud, theft is theft, no matter whether you're unemployed on a hundred pounds or so a fortnight, or an MP on £10,000 A MONTH. Infact when you look at it like that, I know which instance of theft and fraud I think is worse.

When they are on that much money every month, why can't they pay for their own kitkats, plugs and Christmas decorations?

Never mind offering the speaker of the House as a sacrificial lamb to appease the public who are baying for blood, never mind guilty MP's leading the attack on the speaker in order to try and take the heat off them, lets have them all out, lets have them all investigated and lets have them all prosecuted.

After all, if the Telegraph had not exposed this grand theft and deception, would any of those who were dipping their fat noses in our trough, have ever owned up to what they were doing? Of course they wouldn't. More than this, this corruption and fraud is institutionalised, it has been going on for who knows how long?

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