Monday, May 18, 2009

The medical village HAS bitten the dust...Despite what the council tell us.

Take a close look at this letter from the PCT stating clearly that they are looking at four alternative sites for the 5GP surgery ( Medical Village ) that found its way into the Coatham Planning Application without anyone knowing. I wonder why the PCT, as we reported weeks ago, are pulling out and looking for another site? The man from the PCT says that is for the reasons that the person who wrote the letter to them alluded to.

Those reasons that are not listed, included the fact that the council and Persimmon were not going to be able to deliver this disastrous, tainted and botched ( to quote our MP and council leader ) scheme. So obviously the PCT agree with us. But I am also wondering why Stephen Childs, the PCT manager who was involved to a large extenet in the addition of this surgery to the Coatham Planning application without anyone being consulted or knowing about it, who was aware of the massive conflict of interests between Mrs Veronica Moore who was pushing the surgery as a board member of the PCT whilst her husband Colin, was pushing its inclusion as the Chief Executive of the council, is now working in a different department of the PCT?

Read this letter though and cast your minds back less than two weeks, to when the council and Vera Baird claimed in their joint statement on the councils website, that the Coatham scheme was to include a health village. Their lies and untruths get more and more transparent every time they open their mouths.

Last week I was also talking to someone from the council who told me that people who use the Coatham Bowl and leisure centre were fed up with the arguments between our group and the council and all that they wanted was a new leisure centre because the roof was leaking. It shouldnt still be leaking when nearly FORTY THOUSAND POUNDS was spent on fixing the roof less than 6 months ago?

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