Friday, May 15, 2009

People can see through her...

Here is part of Robert Goodwill MP's statement from the 8th of May.

"I would not have agreed to show the film if I had know that in that ten minutes there were at least three allegations of financial corruption or conspiracy against the Council and its officers. There were also allegations that the local MP had been aware of this corruption and chose to ignore it. I immediately distanced myself from these new allegations to the audience when the film was over.

"Whilst I am sure that there are lessons to be learned from the whole Coatham Enclosure saga and the way a few local residents still feel dissatisfied with the way their objections were discounted, I refuse to endorse allegations of dishonesty against the Council and I have discussed what was said about her with Vera Baird, the local MP, and I am satisfied that it is untrue.

It would seem that after calling for her to be investigated by the police, Ray Mallon doesn't agree. I think that if the truth was known, Mr Goodwill doesn't agree with his own statement either.

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