Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Dear Vera, Egg on your chin again!

Had to chuckle to myself when I saw this Guardain article on Government minister Ed Millibands comments that opposition to wind farms should be socially taboo

Somebody really ought to tell him about the opposition our MP Vera Baird has, along with her Labour council, to the wind farm in Coatham. It would appear that Vera has completely forgotten that wind farms are supported by this Government. It makes me wonder when you read this posting on her blog,whos sea views will these turbines spoil?

Vera Baird on windfarm

30th July 2008: Wind turbines

Redcar MP Vera Baird QC today made the following statement on Redcar and Cleveland council's appeal over the planning decision on the planned wind turbines near Redcar.

"It is important to see the judgment and not just know the outcome of a case like this one, questioning the Minister's decision on the wind farm. Now we have seen it we are concerned that the court has taken insufficient notice of the impact on the sea views to be caused by 30 massive wind turbines less than a mile offshore from the town centre.

"It seems that nobody will take up the invitation to visit our town to see from themselves what a huge impact these unsightly turbines will have. I would have preferred it if the judge had done that. He approved the use of the energy company's photo-montages, but they seriously understated the size of the turbines and did not give either him or the Secretary of State, who was acting in an impartial, quasi-judicial role, any kind of impression of how significant their impact on the town and the view will be.

"It is very important that we do all in our power to make clear the negative impact these plans will have for Redcar, and that the small, intermittent amount of electricity generated is not either in climate change or business terms worth that

I mean, apart from the dunes and the beach, theres nout there! So whos views? The seagulls views? The crabs views? The views of the odd sealion that may swim by on his way to Paddys Hole? Nah, none of these so whos views could she be talking about? I laughed out loud when I read in the Gazette some time ago George Dunnings comments that the turbines would spoil the views of the people using the leisure centre? I know, its as pathetic as it is ridiculous after all, you can't even see the turbines from the leisure centre not only because of the place the leisure centre is situated in, but also because it has no windows! Hang on, just give me another five minutes whilst I recover from my fits of hysterical laughter!!!

That's better, No, the only peoples views that our buffoon of a council leader and our hypocrite of an MP are bothered about are the views of people who aren't even living there in the Persimmon luxury flats that haven't even been built. Only they haven't, either of them, got the stomach or the the face, to admit it.

What is most ironic of all is that when people down High Street West have complained to the pair of them about the prospect of losing their sea views because of Persimmons' houses being built right up to the backs of their properties, they have both responded by saying "well I know and I sympathise with you, but when you buy a house you dont buy the view unfortunately" and even more ironic than that is that they make a fuss about a petition totalling some five thousand signatures approximately against the wind turbines, yet make no mention of all of a ten thousand signature petition against the Persimmon housing development?

Forty faced hypocrites the pair of them but then again, I'm probably telling you things that you already know? I mean, how can these two listen to the complaints of people who were outraged about street lights being erected along the stray and so had them taken down within a few days of them being put up, at the cost of many thousands of pounds, but not listen to the complaints of people down high street west, about fences barricading them into their own properties? A fence that Baird manchu herself has described as "giving it a Guantanamo feel".

Ah I know why they acted in the instance of the lights, because they were near to Baird Manchus house and the ward of Zetland is the marginal of marginals with a Labour majority of about 9 I think? Somebody ought to remind Baird and her cronies that if it wasn't for two good independent candidates standing in the ward at the last local election, who took approximately over six hundred votes between them, they wouldn't have had a Labour councillor in there at all.

I'll let you all know what Mr Milliband says when I write to him and tell him that these two took this issue to JR when the issue of supporting and encouraging wind farms had already become Government policy and that the only reason they dont want them there is because they will interfere with the views of houses that aren't even built yet and that if they ever are, will be built on a zone 3 high flood risk area, that has to be protected by a multi million pound sea defence that was Persimmons' sole responsibility but now, for some reason, is the responsibility of the council and the tax payers of this borough?

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