Thursday, March 26, 2009

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council...Negligent...Official!!!

Today on the BBC news it was reported that seven local authorities were found to have been negligent by the Audit Commission, through investing money in Icelandic banks even though they had been warned not to and guess what? That's right, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council are among "The maginificent seven"..

After having already been downgraded to a two star authority by the Audit Commission last year, after all the tribunal reports that show exactly how the senior officers who were running this council but who have now left, lied, bullied, intimidated, acted illegally, concealed the truth, were guilty of sharp practise and who dragged this council down into disrepute, after surpressing a final financial audit report that showed that we were never a four star authority in the first place, it is now time, more than ever, to have this whole shoddy authority independently investigated. I remember one time in about 2006, Chris Abbott and the Liberal Democrats putting out a news letter saying how the protestors were wrong to attack the "hard working officers of this council".

After all these things are now offically in the public domain, things that we continually brought out into the public domain and faced much criticism from those involved in all of this for, I think that everyone should now be asking why the likes of Abbott, Dunning, Moody, Nightingale and every other councillor who has defended and aided this pack of gangsters masquerading as officers who were running this authority, actually did so and why they allowed them to get away with so much in the first place?

To all the weak councillors who allowed and are still allowing officers of this council to do what they want unhindered and unpunished, Your blind faith in these less than credible officers now needs to be justified and the time has come to face the music and answer questions. Questions like "Mr Nightingale, Mr Abbott, Mrs Moody, Mr Kay, knowing how Moore and Richardson behaved despicably in tribunal after tribunal, why did you reward them with a pay rise instead of the sack? And Mr Dunning, when you called for Moores investigation twice as opposition leader, why did you give him a glowing reference in the papers when he announced his retirement along with a massive 104 week enhanced pay deal and a massive pension.

Its about time they answered the questions or face being damned along with them.

This extends to our forty faced MP Vera Baird too. Why, when she knew exactly what was going on within the Council in her constituency did she stop a neighbouring MP from calling for an independent investigation by wrongly threatening him into silence, to then call for the council to hold an internal investigation into all of the things that they stood accused of to be headed by Ray Richardson, a man involved in a lot of the skulduggery, intimidation and deceit reported in so many tribunal reports?

Did she really expect to have anything investigated properly by having an internal investigation? Of course she didn't, it's probably why she called for an internal investigation? This condemantion extends to Ashok Kumar too, this borough has two MP's remember. I went to see him in 2005. He asked me straight out if we thought that the council was corrupt? in front of his secretary and ex-leader of the council David Walsh. I told him that we did think that and that was based on the information that we had in our possesion then and at least eighteen months before any of the tribunal reports, or any of the other damning information that has since come to light, was made available to us. Mr Walsh tried frantically to persuade him otherwise. Well I wonder if Mr Walsh, four years down the line, thinks that a council...

Being downgraded to a two star authority
Being found guilty of negligence by the Audit Commission
Being found to have acted unlawfully in a high court
Being found guilty twice of maladministration
Being found to have acted illegally
Being found to have concealed the truth
Being found to lied under the FOI act
Being found to have had officers lying under oath, bullying, intimidating, changing evidence, collusion, sharp practise, bringing the council into disrepute, altering and changing minutes, awarding themselves massive payrises that aren't taken to council for anything up to eighteen months, exceeding their spending limits under delegated authority by tens of thousands of pounds, etc etc,
Being found to have surpressed a final financial audit report which showed that this council weren't a four star authority
Being found to have signed a development agreement two days before a local election and two weeks!!! before G.O.N.E had decided whether or not to call it in...

If he thinks that all of these documented facts show a council that is open, honest, fair, democratic, or above board in its behaviour and affairs then he is as much to blame as successive administrations which have allowed officers of this council to do these things. After all, lets be plain, It was he, as leader of the council, who appointed the ex-CEO in the first place. This may explain Mr Walshes need to defend him and the council he was in charge of ,way back in that meeting with Ashok Kumar in 2005?

Both of our MP's have known what has been happening within this most rotten council all along and yet neither have done a thing? This is particularly surprising when you take into consideration that Baird is the Solicitor General? Vera Baird stopped an independent investigation from being called for and then called for an internal investigation to be held by the council itself. The very fact that that didn't even take place, just about says it all.

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