Saturday, November 08, 2008

Have the councils new walkways claimed their first victim...

Today I spoke with a woman who's mum had a very bad accident as she walked onto Coatham Common from the entrance at Church Street. The woman that I spoke to told me that her mum had stumbled over a post that had originally, as far as she can remember, accomodated a sign that informed the public that the footpath it was at the mouth of was indeed, a public right of way. However, she said that this post had been cut down, presumably by the council and her mum had tripped over it breaking her leg in two places.

Her mum is still in hospital.

So I have been informed by the woman, they have involved a solicitor over this matter and have contacted the council about this matter. I told the woman, who's mum has joined us on our marches against the Coatham development in the past, that the issue of the publics right to use the land has already been heard in the high court in Newcastle earlier this year and although Jimmy Willis was ordered to remove his tent from the common, the judge could not and did not restrict the public from access to the common or restrict the public from using it. I told her that I will provide her solicitor with any information that he feels may be of use.

Lets see what transpires.

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