Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In the High court in December last year, well respected high court judge, Justice Jackson, ruled that the council had behaved in a biased and pre-determined way and quashed the planning permission given to Persimmon in April last year.
In June this year, appeal court judges overturned Justice Jacksons ruling, even though the ruling had been made against the council NOT Persimmon, even though the MP and solicitor general of this country had already stated that both she and the Labour group had warned the old coalition that what they were doing in forcing the Coatham scheme through was wrong and even though it was Persimmon, NOT the council, who had appealed.

There are those who may have thought and I must conclude that I was one of them, that such a well respected high court judge would have made some rumblings as to why his verdict had been overturned? especially when the solicitor general of this country had already stated in the press after his verdict was given in December, that she and the Labour group had known all along that what had taken place, was wrong and shouldn't have. But no, apparantly Justice Jackson made no comment at all.

I was informed at the back end of last week that Justice Jackson had recently been promoted to the position of appeal court judge. Who gave him this promotion? The law office, the office that Vera Baird occupies as Solicitor General of this country.

Forgive me for being a tad cynical, but after Vera Baird has already threatened another MP from another constituency to stop him showing our film in the House of Commons and calling for the independent investigation into Redcar and Cleveland Borough council that he said he would have to call for otherwise and I quote "he would be neglecting his duty". It would appear that the price of getting a high court judge to say 'nout, is to give him a nice big promotion?

The timing of his promotion couldn't be any better could it? Getting promoted right after your decision had been overturned.

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