Sunday, July 13, 2008

The High Court hearing that Dunning 'forgot' to mention...

This coming Wednesday, on the 16th of July, the council are going to the High Court over the issue of the village green. This is an action that they informed opposition solicitors at the end of March, that they would be taking, before the leader of the council George Dunning, put out his press release stating that the whole Village green issue had been kicked out?

Apparantly, there are two 'authorities' on open spaces and village greens. The council/Persimmon have one and our group is represented by the other. This is the village green hearing that the council are afraid of. This is the reason why the fences were erected by the council. This is probably why George Dunning 'conveniently forgot' to mention it in his press release and why our MP urged the protestors to stop their campaign in the same article.

They both know, now that the law has changed in our favour, that there is a real chance of the land in Coatham, that has always been used for recreational purposes by the people of the area, being registered as a village green.

We shall wait and see.

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