Friday, November 23, 2007

Absolute Disgrace.

In the posting "What a sham", I told you that a cabinet member was going to defend the indefensible actions of Council Officer Simon Dale at the Labour group meeting on the 19th of this month before he had actually done it.
In the article below this cabinet member now speaks out publicly on his behalf. What an absolute disgrace! These people expect us to believe, in light of the recent revelations in Private Eye, that another senior council officer who by rights should have been sacked not only because of his appalling, spiteful, deceitful behaviour regarding this issue, but because of his behaviour and lying at the tribunal itself, did infact act and behave properly.
The tribunal clearly stated in the tribunal decision that even the police had said that the bicycle that was thrown at the community warden was not damaged. They clearly state what the community warden did with the bicycle, according to the CCTV footage, and that he hadnt criminally damaged the bicycle that had been thrown at him. Why is it that an INDEPENDENT, three man tribunal, who unanimously agreed that Simon Dale had lied and that the council had acted in an unacceptible manner, is now deemed by the cabinet member McCluckie to have got it wrong? What did they fail to see in the CCTV footage that the council have not failed to see?
The whole lot is just another cover up and whitewash! Just like when Colin Moore was found by a tribunal to be untruthful and to have changed his evidence overnight and guilty of sharp practise. Instead of taking action against him, they did nothing and praised him for being a great Chief Executive. Just like when Moore was allowed to slip out the back door shortly after a twelve million pound black hole appeared in the councils budget.
Just like now after the issues that have been brought to light in Private Eye, one of the officers implicated up to his neck is being allowed to go to an interim execs job down on the South Coast because they say "its a good career move". I believe this council haven't won one single tribunal! They have wasted hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money trying vainly to save their own battered reputations and they havent won one tribunal. More than that, they havent even got the decency or humility to accept the decisions when they have been proved beyond all doubt, by an INDEPENDENT BODY, that they have got things wrong and behaved terribly.
What everyone should be asking now, IS WHY ARE THE COUNCILLORS SO DESPERATE TO COVER FOR THESE LYING, SHARP PRACTISING OFFICERS, some of whom are now having their wrong doings exposed nationally? I believe they are covering for them because they know that in allowing the officers to do what they want under delegated powers, then they have basically allowed themselves to be made mugs of and made to look like the incompetents that they really are. Who would you believe? An independent tribunal, or a council who have just been exposed for suppressing audit reports, colluding with the audit commission to replace audit reports and who have ammended,altered and changed council minutes and consistently lied throughout?
It doesn't take much thinking about does it?

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