Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Have you heard the news?

Phew!!!!! What a busy time its been. So let me see, whats happened since Vera Baird stifled free speech by stopping our film being shown in the House Of Commons? Well it has transpired through me receiving a freedom of information request last week, that despite Cllr and cabinet member and MP’s secretary Peter Scott stating otherwise, PUBLIC MONEY IS going to spent on the construction of the sea defence in Coatham. Public money being committed to such a massive project has been done without any of the council being informed.

It has also come to light under the freedom of information that the council officer who was responsible for changing the Environment Agencies planning condition without consent or consultation was none other than Simon Dale! Now you must all remember him? He was the officer who was utterly discredited by a tribunal not so long back and it transpired at a different tribunal yesterday, that he, along with Moore and Richardson aka “usual suspects”, have concealed the fact that thousands and thousands of pounds have been paid in parking tickets by the public when the parking tickets should never have been issued in the first place! Yes that’s right. Parking tickets have been slapped on cars left right and centre and there has been no order in place to give the council the authority to do it!

Knowing that this has been going on for years, rather than do the decent thing and inform the public to claim their money back, the usual suspects plus the beleaguered Mr Dale, kept it all quiet and said nout! The brown stuff is certainly going to hit the fan now though, as the news breaks that these fines have been unlawful and people demand their money back.

Whilst it is obvious to everyone from a three year old child to a ninety year old pensioner, obvious to man and beast alike, is that though certain officers in the council have been and are at the very least guilty of sharp practice and lying, our councillors seem happy to just go along with everything that they say and do? Perhaps certain councillors are involved themselves in the certain scams that these officers are involved in themselves? It makes you wonder why none of them are making any noises against the dubious, to say the least, actions of the officers? Infact, it makes you really wonder whats going on when instead of having them hauled over the carpet or investigated, certain councillors are openly defending them and their possibly corrupt behaviour and lying and are trying desperately to make everyone believe that the officers in question have done a sterling job and are true professionals, worthy of every penny of their £100,000+ salaries.

Not only are these councillors doing this, the MP is too. The MP, unbelievable as it may seem, actually asked Mr Ray, featured in Private Eye twice in succession and involved in most of the shadey stuff, Richardson, to start an inquiry into the claims made in our film because she was so concerned about the situation. Ah the irony of it all! Would fit perfectly into some comic sketch. After all how many people who are GENUINELY concerned about a situation, then ask those involved up to their necks to investigate. How many truly concerned MP’s would stop a film being shown in the House of Commons that exposes all the shadey things that have been going on, especially when all the claims are backed up with all the relevant documentation.

Sorry Vera your whitewash just aint going to wash. She must have forgotten that a General election draws ever nearer? But there again, by doing what shes done, people are now starting to point the finger and ask the question “well, why has she done that?” and no it aint just yours cynically either. There are a whole host of people who are starting to see the ‘bigger picture’.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Don’t forget keep on looking at the blog and Redcar.Net. well…. The press locally aren’t going to tell you the facts. Twice have the dodgy dealings of this council been featured in Private Eye and the local press haven’t said a word.

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