Thursday, November 22, 2007

Well, Well, Well....

Ive known this since Monday, the day before the link appeared on Private Eyes site, but guess who's going down south to take the post of interim chief executive at another authority? You guessed it! One of the officers who is involved up to his neck in the audit commission report being suppressed and replaced. According to a senior cabinet member, "He's going as a career move". A career move when youre at the time of life when you are starting to seriously think about retiring? Just who are the council trying to kid? It would appear that the Labour Group are once again, letting someone else just slip out the back door. Anyone remember them doing it with Colin Moore just after the £12,000,000 black hole in the budget hit the front page of the Gazette?
The guilty just cant get away quick enough! It would seem that the Labour group just cant get them away and try to cover up for them quick enough! Any bets as to who will be next?

Oh by the way, despite lying to a tribunal, being utterly discredited, adding charges to an innocent mans list of charges after he had been unfairly dismissed so that he could not answer them, despite filling all the community warden posts so that he couldnt have his job back even though the tribunal ordered that he be re-instated, despite this councils actions because of all of this, being described as "simply unacceptible behaviour for a public authority", Simon Dale has had no action taken against him! Infact the same cabinet member who tried spinning the "Its a good career move" line said that he had seen CCTV footage of the incident and the unfairly dismissed warden was guilty, that he did damage the bicycle that was thrown at him by a youth in Eston.
The police in their statements to the tribunal said the bike wasnt damaged at all? Also, if it was all caught on CCTV then why wasnt it shown to the tribunal? I mean after all, isnt the point of going to tribunal to win? Something that this council, despite all the tribunals that they have been taken to, have failed to do once. Stonewall, damning evidence not produced at a tribunal, preferring instead to field someone who was proved to be a liar as your only witness?

You just couldnt make all of this up could you? I wonder if Private Eye would be interested in this?

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