Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a sham!

Tomorrow according to a council source, Simon Dales disgraceful behaviour at the Whittaker tribunal hearing, is going to be defended by a prominent cabinet member at the Labour Group meeting. Trying to defend Simon Dales' lying to a tribunal, trying to defend him adding charges to the list of charges after the INNOCENT man had been dismissed so that the innocent man could not answer them at the tribunal, trying to defend Simon Dales behaviour in making sure that all community warden jobs were taken to defeat a reinstatement order to deliberately keep the unfairly dismissed community warden out of a job, trying to defend him when he was in the words of the tribunal UTTERLY DISCREDITED and when he has brought the name of our council down into the dirt, is totally unacceptible itself.
If this cabinet member tries to play down, or try and justify, or condone Mr Dales actions, if he tries to suggest that it was an oversight on Mr Dales part that will not happen again, then I suggest that the cabinet member has the decency to review his position and consider resigning his well paid cabinet post himself.
Officers who are paid over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS OF PUBLIC MONEY should not lie, never mind deliberately and spitefully keep a normal working man out of employment and drag our councils name down further into the mud as a result. Simon Dale? He shouldnt be paid in washers never mind over a hundred grand.

Sack him now!

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