Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coatham councillors knew for months before the event...but not once told their constituents!!!

After receiving a Freedom Of Information request from the Health and Safety Executive, we can reveal to you all that the two ward councillors for Coatham Josie Crawford and Irene Curr, knew at least six months before, that the footpaths across Coatham Common were going to be closed and even worse, that the Guantanamo Bay style fences, to quote our MP, were going to be erected! According to a flow chart supplied to us by the HSE, the two ward councillors knew of these things in August/September time last year! In a letter to ex- Coatham Councillor Charlie Davis, they said they knew in December, but this is still four to six months before these things happened AND NOT ONCE DID THIS PAIR HAVE THE COURAGE, OR THE DEDICATION TO THE CONSTITUENTS OF THE COATHAM WARD,TO INFORM THEM.Look at the film clip of "Coatham, a common concern" and see 84 year old Ethany Alton of High Street West describe how she was terrified because the first she knew about these fences being erected was after the had been put up and she was barricaded into her home! These two ward councilors had a duty to Ethany Alton to inform her to ensure that she wasnt terrified or afraid. These two ward councillors have a duty to the residents of Coatham,not the Lib Dem party. They have a duty to the residents of Coatham, ALL THE RESIDENTS OF COATHAM, not just the ones who voted Liberal Democrat. They have failed in this duty. Like in so many other instances, elements of this council have deliberately witheld information from the public because they know what an outrage the truth will cause.Shame on them. They have kept the truth from the people that they were elected to represent, they have deliberately not told anyone the truth even though they have been party to that truth for some months.

How can they be trusted any longer? They should do the decent thing and resign now. We are now going to take them both to the standards board.

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