Thursday, February 08, 2007

The eleven page CONFIDENTIAL document below shows that this Council discussed job losses back in 2005 as part of council tax saving and by April/May 2006 knew what needed doing to hold back rises in how much we pay. The report published below again shows the depths that they sink too when supposedly saving money. My money,your money, money theyve spent on travel,soft drinks,mobile phones, entertainment- theirs not ours! Yet people are being made redundant to save money? Departments are being amalgamated to cut costs? The Gazette ran the story just today,but the council have known since at least summer last year that jobs were going to go.
I wonder if in future I post all information here in the hope that the story is picked up by the Gazette, rather than write to them myself and wait for weeks to see if my letters are published before the Council spokesperson gets their views aired! That said, I'm pleased this story is coming more into the public domain but it begs the question-WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG?
How dare R&CBC keep perpetuating the lies of identifying savings when they are not prepared to admit what money they waste?
More and more money is leaking from the "treasure chest" that could be used to provide Leisure facilities that this town and people want. We continue to receive information from sources at the heart of this council who are prepared to help in the campaign to save our Common and coastline and show the flagrant abuse of power. Shortly a further series of revelations will appear here. Peace.

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