Saturday, February 10, 2007

Swimming baths for Redcar

Hypocricy or what from a "chain swinging" Cabinet Member for culture,leisure and tourism! Why are we told that for a new baths at Coatham will cost upwards of £8.5M, yet only £5M in Guisborough? This coalition continues to state that only way Leisure can be provided here is by selling off land for 359 Persimmon homes to be erected! and remove public footpaths, reduce land area of caravan park and childrens play area.Could it be that the sale of land is too cheap and we have less of a voice than our neighbours above Dinsdale?
Does Cllr Fitzpatrick think that there are a great many people in Redcar who don't want more housing? I find his closing statement obscene-"not everyone wants a swimming pool"

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