Monday, October 23, 2006

The dirty tricks of our desperate ward councillor and the leader of her party.

When a ward councillor has to stoop to telling lies about someone in order to get re-elected,someone who voted for her at the last council elections,someone who started a campaign because she was constantly telling him that she was so against the development yet no one in the council was listening to her,then not only is she showing her true colours she is showing her desperation.

She as usual,is trying to play the role of the timid,butter wouldnt melt,badly done to ward councillor but sadly for her it just dosent wash anymore.Her 'personal message' has awoken people to the levels of desperation that she and her contemptible party leader are experiencing at the thought of the ward of Coatham being lost.

I am used to this sort of behaviour.Her party leader has already attempted to smear me by starting a smear campaign saying that I was a member of the BNP.I am used to the dirty tricks played by the chief executive,a 'man' who couldnt lie straight in bed as we have proved many times on this site.So this latest round is nothing new.If I or anyone in the friends of Coatham Common had behaved in the way that Josie Crawford stated in her 'personal message' then why has she not gone to the police? Why have none of our group been arrested,questioned or cautioned? Why did she raise money for my girlfriends flower tubs by selling greetings cards and then take the money in personally to my girlfriends shop?

Is that the way someone who has been abused so much and intimidated so much behaves? Of course it isnt.She hasnt gone to the police,we havent been arrested etc,and her contact with us has not stopped because the things that she bemoans about in her letter are untrue.I have phoned her about 5 or 10 times in two years.I have never threatened her or intimidated her.I have never sent an email to her that every other member of the council hasnt recieved and they have never been threatening abusive or intimidating.I have never sent her any rude or threatening letters and I have never spat at her in the street.

In making these claims and inferring that either myself or other members of our group have carried these abuses out, then she has sunk into the depths that her party leader already wallows in.I will not rise to this provocation.I will not lower myself in getting personal as she has done however easy that would be.No,if she thinks that making false accusations and smearing people in order to win public sympathy so that they re-elect her to the council's gravy train is the way forward, then let her get on with it,but I think that she is in for a huge shock.

People in Coatham have witnessed her lack of commitment to them,her ineptitude and now her willingness to twist the truth first hand.Its only a matter of time before they rid our ward of her altogether.

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