Friday, September 29, 2006

We shall overcome

Listen to Mr Springsteen say it

This song just about sums up what I, and a whole movement of people feel about our fight for our coastline to be kept open and free and for the truth to be told to us and the right to be heard.Listen to this version sung by an absolute legend.I ask every last person who listens to this song to listen to examine how much the truth actually means to you and how much you want a local government that governs,not rules,with truth and democracy and that gives us the right to be heard.I want these things not just for me but for my child who will one day inherit this town,as will your children,from us.
Listen to the song,and if the truth and democracy and the right to be heard matter to you then join us on our march on Saturday the 7th of October and call for a public inquiry.Meet from 11.30 marching at 12.15.

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