Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Let the dirty tricks begin.....But the March will go ahead

I,along with other people that I have spoken to were expecting a full on attack from this local authority as our march approached.This attack has started on Redcar.Net this week.The people who are attacking me and our campaign are becoming personal ( which is always the case when they get desperate). They are trying to confuse and cloud the waters and issues.They are trying to divert peoples attention from the facts that we,NOT THE COUNCIL,have brought into the public domain.These facts have been taken directly from the Persimmon Planning application,council documents,and from documents sent by three statutory bodies all of whom have objected.

Ask yourself this.If we were lying about anything that we have said then do you not think that Persimmon,who are the biggest and richest builder in the country,would have taken some kind of legal action against us for misrepresenting their application? Lying about its contents? The fact is they havent because all of the facts that we have brought to the publics attention are there in their own document.They are on our site for you to read.Those individuals on Redcar.Net that are trying to rubbish them or cloud and confuse things can only try.They cant stop the facts in that application and in those documents being facts,there in black and white.

Remember that this council and Persimmon homes are now desperate.The Environment agency have stated in a letter to our MP that houses SHOULD NOT be built in that area.The tightening of the flooding regulations come in in November.Thats why this council wanted the completion date for this scheme to be the 25th of October.Dont let their lies and their dirty tricks win the day.This council want a public inquiry like a hole in the head.Come on our march,bring your families and let this shameful behaviour from this shameful authority be stopped now.


Chris Mcglade.

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