Thursday, June 22, 2006

Message from another council employee.

Here is another email from another council employee

Hi Chris, I know someone who has info on the council, they are a trusted source. 1: Simon Waller a Manager in the refuge department was on £30'000 a year this year his wage has been increased to £69'000. 2: Staff at RBC have been told not to talk to anyone about RBC if they are caught they may be suspended or sacked. 3:With regards to the collection of waste, everyone in the boro gets charged £5 if they have any extra waste to pick up apart from people who live in South Bank and Grangetown they get that service for free. I have given my informant yours and Rachels mobile numbers I have also told them about I have advised that all info will be treated in the stricted confidence. I don't know if any of the above is any use but I do know that they have more info. If I here anything else I will let you know.

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