Tuesday, June 20, 2006

R&CBC Cook's letter

Below is the text from a letter received from a cook and kitchen assistant working for R&CBC. We thought it better to not show an image of the letter to preserve anonimity. Should anyone wish to see the original I will personally bring it to them.

In their letter they take offence at cuts in their income while at the same time reading rubbish in the Staff newsletter which is distributed to them. An image of the page in question from the newsletter is below -click to enlarge.

"From School Cooks and Kitchen Ass in R&CBC

Dear Chris,

Your magazine is very interesting. We are school cook and kit.ass in RCBC. Find enclosed the RCBC magazine profile on Colin Moore.

School cooks are losing £3200, kitchen assistants losing amount from £1,000 to £2,00 per annum. The council want to take the retainer for school holiday off us.

Please note Colin Moore has been to 43 different countries for his holidays, most school staff can not afford a holiday to Primrose Valley in a caravan owing to loss of wages and benefit as they are not doing enough hours. If we lose out retainer is it more money for him to have meetings at Guisbrough Hall at our expense?


School Cook & Kitchen Ass."

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