Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cllr Mark Hannons response Part 1.

Dear Mr McGlade,

Re: Email dated 12th December titled “Your latest statement”

Please find below my response to the points set out in your email.

1. Persimmon will be responsible for managing the construction of all the public elements works on the Council's behalf, in addition to the construction of private and commercial elements.
Technically, therefore, it will be Persimmon and their contractors who will be on site.

2. Not all of the 47 planning conditions are required to be satisfied prior to work commencing but those that do will be complied with. This equally applies to the conditions in respect of the sea wall.
3. The planning condition will be fully complied with respect of ground conditions.

4. No such action against Simon Dale is proposed.

5. The sea wall will remain Council property and, therefore, is not Persimmon's responsibility.

6. The boating lake and surrounding environment is and will remain Council property, and therefore no financial contribution is being made by Persimmon. The works were commissioned in accordance with Public Procurement procedures.

7. The boating lake and surrounding environment has always been included in the Masterplan for the Coatham development as it an essential public open space element of the scheme. The distinction simply reflects the fact the improvement works being carried out at the boating lake do not require planning permission

8. The Council is working with Persimmon to commence the scheme at the earliest opportunity. While there are still a number of issues to address, works on site can commence before Persimmon start to construct housing.

9. No evidence of conflict of interests between Veronica Moore and Colin Moore has been produced.

10. Persimmon commissioned the necessary site condition surveys, not the Council. Persimmon employs Ward Hadaway while the Council employs Eversheds in respect of legal matters for the Coatham scheme. It is not clear which reports and surveys you are referring to in respect of 'gross housing requirements'. The Council employed its own consultant as part of necessary due diligence process.

11. The proposed location for the Youth Centre is the site currently shown on the Master plan as a Visitor Centre. Construction of a Visitor Centre has always been an aspiration dependent upon separate funding being secured. Construction of the Youth Centre is dependent upon Big Lottery funding being secured. A grant application has been submitted by the Council and the result of a first stage assessment is expected in February 2009.

12. The March Press statement you refer to reflects the Council’s position at that time.

Yours sincerely

Councillor mark hannon
cabinet member FOR economic development

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