Sunday, December 21, 2008

I always had my doubts about Dr Joan Rees?

Here is a page from the last edition of Private Eye. It concerns 'dodgy dealings' taking place in Doncaster City Council, home of one of the largest, if not the largest, local authority corruption scandals that this country has ever seen. But please look closely, because who should be doing a great impression of Sharon Shoesmith from Haringey Council and telling porkies in order to try and convince people that everything is okay and proper and cover up the truth about what has really been happening in Doncaster? None other than our very own Dr Joan Rees, an ex- senior officer of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council who along with a whole flurry of other senior officers, just couldn't wait to leave RCBC for pastures new!

It would appear that after high tailing it out of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council in late 2006, she has wasted absolutely no time at all in embroiling herself in practises, as have been exposed in Private Eye, that are dubious to say the least.

If she has found it so easy to get involved in this kind of behaviour so soon after leaving, then you really have to ask yourself just what was she involved in in all the years that she was in her position at Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council?

After all, you don't just start behaving in such a manner over night do you ?

This is image from private eye. Click on image to enlarge.

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