Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Persimmon? Using 'Cowboy' firms to do their work? Never?


Bearing in mind the tragic story of a four year old boy who lost his life as a result of a mantlepiece, in his parents Persimmon home falling on him because it hadn't been fixed to the wall properly, take a look at the link above. Read the problems that these people had with their Persimmon home as a result of Persimmon employing contractors who were not sufficiently trained enough, to work on their sites. They have been described by the author of the article as 'cowboys'.

According to the inquest into the death of the four year old boy, the people who fitted the mantlepiece that came away from the wall, had had no real training or experience of doing this job.



Persimmon employing 'cowboys' again? will they ever learn any lessons?

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